Unity not diversity is the message going into Thursday nights Bears vs Packers game.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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Taking a knee will take a knee to something different Thursday night.

The statement from the Green Bay Packers starts with:

"This Thursday during the national anthem at Lambeau Field, Packers players, coaches and staff will join together with arms intertwined—connected like the threads on your favorite jersey."

So here is the idea and possible rating grab, get all fans to join together to do the same as a sign of unity not diversity.

While this on the outside sounds like a great idea and will make national news, I laugh at the posibility of a stadium full of Bears and Packer fans linking arms. The "Meathead" fans that pounded a 6-pack and ate nachos out of a football helmet while tailgating will not show brotherly love with someone in the other teams colors.

Let's all hope this passes soon and this whole kneeling "controversy" is only remembered as a Trivia Pursuit question someday.





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