I knew the Cubs were having a good season but this is kind of surprising.

The first thought you might have when hearing this is, "who is it?" That was mine too, and I actually thought it might be Anthony Rizzo. I know he's real good and I believe he might be the face of the franchise.

However, according to Crain's Chicago the most popular player in Major League Baseball is Kris Bryant.

Chicago Cubs v Miami Marlins
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Bryant's "Q Score" is tops in baseball. Player's Q Scores are measured by 2,000 fans on their "likeability among sports fans on a national level." Bryant scored a 25 while Rizzo tied in 6th place with a 21.

Anthony Rizzo Channels Justin Timberlake In Terrible Karaoke Video
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Regardless of score, it appears things are going OK right now for both Rizzo and Bryant. Bryant is the face for Express while Rizzo earned "an estimated $1.1 million" in endorsement deals.

Long story short, it's good to be a Cub right now.

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