The "Senior Pranks" around our area have been hilarious. One Missouri high school pulled an "Auburn" and there is trouble.

Auburn High School Seniors put their school for sale on Craigslist:


This is a "no harm" hilarious prank...In Rockford. According to Valley News Live

Kylan Scheele, posted an ad on Craigslist for Truman High School (the school he is graduating from with a 3.9 GPA) and now he will not be allowed to walk across the stage with his class.

The listing and wording of the Craigslist ad ruffled feathers with Truman High School administration. While this seems as simple as sitting this kid down and talking to him, the police were involved.

In the description of why the school is for sale, this is the line that got Kylan in trouble. "due to the loss of students coming up". Meaning the seniors were graduating, an entire class is leaving. The school took this as a threat, and the kid won't walk across the stage with his classmates.