The Cubs had the Billy Goat and the White Sox had the Black Sox, so are the Bears cursed by the Honey Bears?

If you're a Chicago sports fan, there's no middle ground. Either you believe in curses or you think they're ridiculous.

Just in case you need some background info.

In the 1919 World Series, some of the Chicago White Sox players fixed the series for gamblers. It was known as the "Black Sox Scandal." Some fans believed that cursed the team from winning another World Series. After many years, they finally broke that curse and won it all in 2005.

The Chicago Cubs had their world famous "Billy Goat Curse." At the 1945 World Series, the owner of the Billy Goat Tavern and his pet goat were kicked out of Wrigley Field. He cursed the team and for several years it seemed like they would never break it. In 2016, history was made and the curse was destroyed.

Now, there is the possibility of a new curse in the world of Chicago sports.

According to"It's the curse of the Honey Bears."

What were the Honey Bears?

"The Honey Bears were a venture embraced by late owner George Halas in 1976. It was an attempt to revamp the franchise, breath some new life into it. Cheerleaders were becoming all the rage by that time thanks to the Dallas Cowboys."

How was the team doing before that?

Keep in mind eight years prior to this move, the Bears had gone 35-76-1. So any change was good change by that point."

What was their impact on the team?

"The results were almost immediate. Chicago finished .500 for the first time in eight years their first season of existence. The next year the Bears made the playoffs. From ’76 to ’85 the team was 82-67, reaching the postseason four times and winning a Super Bowl."

The Bears got rid of their cheerleaders after winning the championship. How has the team done since then?

"After they were disbanded the Bears are 238-273 with nine playoff appearances and no championships."

Still not convinced?

"Last time Chicago made the playoffs was 2010 and they lost in the NFC Championship. That year at training camp some fans showed up as unofficial members of the squad, handing out a petition to bring the group back. The team didn't listen."

I've been to a bunch of team events where fans have asked Bear's Chairman, George McCaskey, about bringing them back. Every time, he is very adamant about them never coming back as long as his family owns the team.

Old school diehard fans like my Dad and his friends always complain about the Honey Bears being gone. They get upset when they see the promo team that basically replaced the cheerleaders during timeouts.

As bad as the team has been the last couple of years, it would at least give the fans something to be excited about.

Maybe it's time for the McCaskey family to reconsider.

What do you think?

Do you believe in the "Curse of the Honey Bears?"

Should the team bring them back?

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