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Mother Nature plans on keeping us inside this weekend with "Arctic Temperatures," so let's look closer at what that actually means and how we should respond...or not respond and sit at home.

We hear Joey Marino and others use the term "Arctic Temperatures," and it's kind of terrifying to hear. How cold is cold, what will happen and will we be safe with those types of temps? Just by the simple definition, "Arctic" means frigid and inhospitable weather.

WREX warns of Arctic Weather this weekend, with temps in the single digits on Saturday and Sunday. If you are going to be outside, dressing properly is very important.

ArcticBound says dress in layers, you want the base layer to be made up of comfortable and soft clothing. You want the clothing to breathe and keep any sort of moisture away from your skin.

Secondly, the mid-layer should be where the warmth comes from. Something thick and thermal, maybe something wool. You want your core warm and for sure your lower body.

Thirdly, the outer layer. Water and wind proof. If you need to travel, shovel, or whatever your winter heart desires...you need to keep as much of the elements off you as possible. Warm and puffy, insulated jackets will be that line of defense that you need.

Stay in and chill, or I guess stay in and stay warm.

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