Illinois will have to wait for any new marijuana dispensaries.

With everything going on now, it seems like a long time ago when recreational marijuana became legal in Illinois. It's only been five months, but it's been a huge success so far. Even through the pandemic.

There has been only one problem with the legal cannabis. There isn't enough locations to purchase it and too little product. The state promised to fix this mess. They're supposed to reward more licenses. That should help. The only issue now, it's been put on hold.

According to,

"Applications for those 75 licenses were due Jan. 1, and the state was supposed to announce the winners of those licenses on May 1, but Gov. JB Pritzker has signed an executive order to delay the awarding of those licenses until after the end of the coronavirus disaster proclamation, or until the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation announces a new date."

Better grab a number and Snickers because you're not going anywhere for a while if you're in line to purchase pot.

I can only imagine how much more money would've been generated if the supply could satisfy the demand.

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