Joe Maddon finally let his All-Star first baseman cross one of the last things off his baseball bucket list. Pitching in an actual game. 

Since the MLB is still stuck in the early 2000's and tries to sue anyone that posts a video of a baseball game I will provide you with the link to watch Anthony's performance here. 

Needless to say, but that's some electric stuff. Straign 54 MPH cheese on the outside corner. It took him just 2 pitches to record his first and only out as a major league pitcher.

Rizzo had been pestering Maddon for quite a while about getting him on the mound during a blowout. Monday night was just the occasion. With the Cubs down 6 in the ninth. Maddon came out to the mound and gave Rizzo his wish.

Maddon was, as usual, pretty funny about it during the postgame.

Rizzo says that now it's out of his system he won't be bothering Joe to put him on the mound anymore.

I'd say this was the last time we see him pitch but when Joe Maddon is your manager, you never know.

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