Prom is canceled for Rockford students, a final disappointment for seniors.

This past school year isn't what the Class of 2020 was dreaming of throughout their high school career. Especially, for the students in Rockford.

The year started out with the Rockford School District's computer network being hacked, making the first couple of months challenging.

Of course, then the pandemic hit. They wouldn't return to school after Spring Break. Everything was canceled from then on. There were no sports, activities, yearbook signing, celebrations, saying goodbye to friends and teachers, no graduation, and the final bummer, no prom.

The schools originally postponed the dance until later in the summer. They all understood that the chances were slim of it happening but until it was officially canceled, there still was a little hope.

Unfortunately, there's nothing that could be done about it. Schools and students all over the world are going through the same thing. It's all about keeping people safe and healthy.

I know there are worst things going on in the world, but it still sucks for those kids. My daughter is part of the Class of 2020 at East High School. My heart breaks for her and her classmates.

Here's the official word from,

"We’ve agreed as a group to cancel our senior prom plans for the Class of 2020. This message might not surprise you, but we wanted to share our disappointment with our students and graduates."

For the full message, HERE.

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