I'm sure it's okay to speak for everyone when I say, Why in the 2020 would you be opening a sealed ancient anything right now?!?!?!

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But over in Egypt, they don't realize that now might not be the time to open a sarcophagus that's been sealed for 2,500 years.

Because that's exactly what they did this past Saturday to a crowd mind you.

Archeologists began unveiling a portion of a find from earlier this year. They unsealed the first 59 tombs which were that of ancient Egyptian priests.

These sarcophagi were found earlier this year in the necropolis of Saqqara, south of Cairo near Memphis, the former seat of Ancient Egypt’s power. The area is home to other pyramids, including the famous Giza Pyramids.

Egyptian authorities are hoping this will help bring back some of the tourism that's been impacted not only by the virus but by years of local strife.

“I consider this is the beginning of a big discovery,” said Khalid el-Anany, Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities.

These coffins will be on display in the new Grand Egyptian Museum, which is currently under construction.

This is the first discovery in Eygpt since Covid-19 first happened. And now knowing all that we do about this year so far, so should we really be tempting fate like this?

I'm all for scientific discovery, but maybe wait to open any more until 2021. Thankfully at this time, nothing strange has happened since the opening.

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