Joliet, Illinois could dry up and be out of water by 2030...Could Rockford be far behind? JSONLINE

The city of Joliet was expected to run out of water by 2030. Northeastern Illinois is facing issues with dwindling groundwater supplies from overuse, and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources wants to get communities off an underground aquifer system. - JSONLINE

So what did/does Joliet do when their groundwater supply runs dry? How about look to the folks in Chicago and BUY water from Lake Michigan...huh?

Chicago is the ONLY city that can pull this off. The only one in the Great Lakes Region that can sell off water from Lake Michigan. So here's what happened and the $ attached to this.

Chicago signed a 100 year contract that will deliver treated water from lake Michigan, to Joliet, Illinois. The price you ask, how about $1 Billion. Chicago has the right to do this and can move water to anywhere in Illinois, whenever it wants...and apparently at any price they want. $$$

More than 200 communities in northeastern Illinois tap into the Chicago diversion for their water supply. As of 2030, Joliet and its surrounding suburbs will be added to that list. - JSOnline

So these communities that can benefit from the Lake Michigan water supply, are only in Northeastern Illinois. What happens if a city in Northern Illinois, like Rockford, starts to run low on it's groundwater supply?

Communities that straddle the watershed line can apply for a diversion and only need approval from the state governor. - JSOnline

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