Aliens, UFO's, space travel...Illinois. All of these things sorta go together, right? What if we brought some outer space reality closer to home? Let's do it! WQAD

The Quad Cities International Airport in Moline Illinois is considering doing some "remodeling" that would welcome some out of this world...launching and receiving. The idea of a "commercial spaceport" is something that this Illinois airport in looking into. What a bizarre idea to look into...SO we take flights out of here to Florida, Colorado, even France...So why not a trip around the moon?

So what is a "spaceport," exactly?

A spaceport is described as a site for launching or receiving spacecraft, similar to a seaport for ships or an airport for aircraft. Wikipedia illustrates that "the word spaceport, and even more so cosmodrome, has traditionally been used for sites capable of launching spacecraft into orbit around Earth." - WQAD

So there it travel out of Illinois. Crazy.

So it's in the research and study phase right now for the Quad Cities International Airport in Moline Illinois . Which means lots and lots of money is spent, for lots and lots of super smart people to come in and figure out if this can actually work.

Gov. Pritzker has thrown his support behind this for Moline...Wait governor, I thought Rockford was one of your favorite hangs? You're here quite a bit, what about a Spaceport in Rockford?


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