To say that my family and I love the Food Network would be a great understatement. We watch quite a bit of the programs that they air. With two small kids, their programs seem to be a safe bet as far as content. Plus, I'm just now becoming a decent cook so it's helping them learn early.

Out of all the hosts on Food Network, Alton Brown has to be our favorite. We're big fans of Good Eats and Cutthroat Kitchen. Seriously, where do they come up with some of those sabotages!!!! This past April, Alton Brown was in Rockford performing at the Coronado for his Eat Your Science tour. For whatever reason, my family and I were unable to attend. As bummed as I was about it, I follow Alton on Instagram so I was still able to see him taking pictures around our city.

In April, he posted a picture at the Rockford Roasting Company of the drink they created for him called The Alton. Which according to the owners, is one of their most popular drinks on the menu. Flash forward to now and Alton Brown has listed the Rockford Roasting Company as one of his top 8 favorite coffee shops in the Untied States for an article in Food Network magazine, which hits stands today. That's pretty rad!!

This isn't the first time he's given a positive write up to the local coffee shop. Back in December of 2014, he listed the Rockford Roasting Company as a top coffee stop for a blog titled AB Road Eats. And then again in February of 2015:

"These guys know what they’re doing. And I’m not just saying that because they opened the shop just for me on a day they’re normally closed. They’re genuinely educated about their profession and are using parts of the bean (cascara) that I’ve never heard of before for iced teas."

Congrats Rockford Roasting Company, sounds like you have a fan for life with everyone's favorite food mad scientist!

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