Beth George has been running the resort for the last 32 years, but the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 lockdown have forced her to file for bankruptcy.

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A little more than a half hour's drive from Rockford, White Pines Resort is located inside White Pines State Park in Mount Morris.

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George announced Wednesday that the state's restrictions on large gatherings due to COVID-19 forced her hand.

"Every event that makes me money is over 50 people like weddings. My model is built on that. The Dinner Theater holds 150 people. If I have 50 people, I am losing money. I can't even host one," said George.

The resort is only open seasonally and to avoid being a year behind in income, George filed for bankruptcy.

"So then next year I would lose an entire year of income because I would do every wedding at a loss. So there is just no win," said George.

The closure leaves hundreds without a summer spot, 45 employees and an owner without a job.