Kenneth Artlip spent the last 50 years trying to find the grave of his great-grandfather.

Sergeant John Artlip was finally given a headstone this past Saturday at the Roscoe Cemetery. This was after going 150 years without one.

A ceremony of remembrance for Sgt. Artlip was held on Saturday with several descendants of Civil War soldiers in attendance. They were dressed in period uniforms to honor the late Union Sergeant.

Sgt. Artlip's great-grandson, Kenneth Artlips was determined to find where his great-grandfather was buried. Due to the cemetery having few records to go through, the task was rather difficult.

Artlip was finally able to find the paperwork he needed and is thankful to finally give his great-grandfather the recognition he deserves.

"I was determined to find him and it took me this long to do it," said Kenneth. "So, that means a lot to me, to find him. I think he was a hero. He's my hero. He's not here anymore, he doesn't know what's going on here today, but it's really important to our family."

After having his legs wounded by an exploding artillery shell. Artlip was discharged with a disability. he later returned to the Union army, where he rejoined as a Sergeant.

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