When I was working my first radio job seven years ago, spinning polka records, I always knew I wasn't meant to be there for my entire career.

My dream has always been to eventually find a gig back in Minneapolis; and in order to do that, I had to move on and up from my days of rolling out the barrel and reading funeral reports. To do that in this business, I had to move; even though I actually really liked playing polka music and loved my co-workers.

It's no different in professional football. Just ask Aaron Rodgers.

According to TMJ4, Rodgers would like to follow in Tom Brady's footsteps and still play football when he's forty; but he might have to leave Green Bay in order to do that.

It's hard to imagine that he'd ever think of leaving Wisconsin, but he only has two years left on his contract; and while it seems unfathomable now, Rodgers acknowledges that if Brett Favre had to finish out his career with another team, he might have to do the same thing.

Fans were asked what they thought about leaving and it sounds like Danica Patrick might be to blame.

Packers fans, you have two years left with Rodgers, that you know of; do you think he could ever leave?

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