A professor follows a student to the bathroom and films him, and THEN it gets weird.

Photo - Champaign Co. Sheriff's Dept.
Photo - Champaign Co. Sheriff's Dept.

A University of Illinois professor is on PAID LEAVE after he followed a student into the bathroom and filmed him, what?

According to My Stateline U of I professor, Jay Rosenstein admitted that he did, in fact, follow a student into the bathroom. The student Ivan Dozier (the former Chief Illiniwek) says he actually went into the bathroom to avoid Professor Rosenstein but was followed in. After finishing his business at the urinal, student Ivan Dozier says the professor had his phone out and he was recording.

Police arrested Professor Rosenstein and his reasoning for filming is something else:

"I am a nationally recognized and international award winning documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist. I believe I was wrongfully detained because of my efforts to investigate whether employees of the State Farm Center are taking an active role in facilitating the appearance of the unapproved Chief Illiniwek."


So this guy films a student taking a leak, says he's an award-winning filmmaker to the cops and is on paid leave by the school?


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