Sad news from a Disney resort, as a Wisconsin man fell to his death. WeAre

We've all heard the phrase "the happiest place of earth," referring to the different Disney locations. This is heartbreaking news. So let's get right to the facts of the story. Something like this is so tragic, so here we go.

The local sheriff's department in Orange County, was called to Disney’s Contemporary Resort near Magic Kingdom, about a man being found unresponsive. Jeffrey Vanden Boom of Greendale, Wisconsin was pronounced death at the Disney resort.

The call for help came at 5:30 in the morning, as the Wisconsin man was found...he was pronounced dead on the scene.

 "We got a call at 7:30 someone had a medical emergency and not to go on the balconies, and then they had people redirecting us, and then we went outside and there's a tent set up right under a balcony and it's all taped up." - Reddit 

Apparently the man fell from his hotel room balcony, all though other ideas were floating around. Hopefully it was just that, an accident. Here are some social media posts about the tragic situation.

So sad, what a beautiful looking location.

Sad, sad news. The death was officially ruled an accident.

Here is a video from a local down there, talking about what happened at what he found out about the situation.


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