Mother's Day is this Sunday, so let's make this a week of love for the moms.

Mother's Day Brunch in Rockford
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Sunday May 14th we celebrate mom. How many delicious (and a few not delicious meals) has your mother made for you over the years? Well it's probably time you did the cooking, or at least took mom out to eat.

My mom's desserts are to stuff of legend. Cakes, brownies, cupcakes, pies, you name it I was a happy fat kid.

Here are a five local spots to take mom for a nice Mother's Day brunch this weekend:

  • Machine Shed Restaurant Rockford - Farm themed, hearty meal.
  • Thunder Bay Rockford - Wood-fired meats and cocktails
  • Granite City Food & Brewery - Comfort food
  • Hoffman House - Prime rib folks.
  • Stockholm Inn - Pancakes, done.

Today at 5pm for "Captain Jack's Class Reunion" we will begin our week of showing mom, love. Songs about love, that mention love, all for mom.




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