In this time of tension between between police and some members of the public, it is always great to report a positive uplifting encounter between police and a Stateline resident that most likely saved her mother's life.Yesterday morning Argyle resident Lisa Andrew got a call that that her mother was on the floor at her residence in serious need of help. So Lisa did what any caring daughter would do, she got in her car right away and headed over to her mothers home.

The entire trip to her mom's, Lisa was praying and hoping for the best for her mom. When she approached the intersection of Rt 251 and Rt 173, the light turned red. You can only imagine the anxiety waiting for the light to change knowing that your mother's life might be in danger.

Lisa than noticed a Winnebago County Sheriff's police car pulls up next to her in the turn at the intersection. She rolled down her window and got the attention of Sgt. Heidenreich. She informed Heidenreich that her mother is a stoke patient and is laying on the floor at her house and that she needs to get there and asks the officer if he could follow her to the house. He agreed.

Andrew and Heidenreich made it safely to the house and with his help both were able to get Andrew's mother back in her chair.

A Salute To Winnebago Police Sgt from a Stateline Resident, A job Well Done
Winnebago County police photo


The Winnebago County Sheriff's police posted the note of thanks on it's Facebook page.


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