If you have never gotten a robocall before then you need to go buy a lotto ticket. Why do I say this? Because you're luckiest person in the world. I get AT LEAST one robocall a day. However, it's usually several.

Mystateline details -

The National Do Not Call Registry was established in 2013 as a way to reduce unwanted calls from telemarketers. However, according to Consumer Reports, in 2018 a record 48 billion robocalls were placed to U.S. phones, which works out to 1,500 robocalls per second. Lawmakers want the harassment to stop.

A senator has introduced a bill that requires phone companies to provide robocall blocking technology. The bill would create accountability for the companies and also require them to provide the free service. Mystateline adds -

In addition to legislation, officials are calling on the FCC to do more to prevent fake caller ID numbers and better protect unsuspecting consumers from scam artists.


For tips on how to block robocalls now you can head here.

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