Robocalls, suck. They are annoying as hell and need to go away.

There is a new app called "Robo Revenge" which allows you to turn the tables on these annoying calls, and SUE THEM.

According to GizModo DoNotPay/Robo Revenge is a robot lawyer that can these robocallers to task and protect your privacy. Here's how it works:


  • You are automatically added to a DO NOT CALL list that's managed by the Federal Trade Commission.
  • You receive a "virtual burner" credit card, you give Robocalls this cards information
  • Robo Revenge takes down the transaction information of the Robocaller and then guides you through a lawsuit .
  • The Telephone Consumer Protection Act allows you to sue, up to $3000
  • Robo Revenge will but together court documents


“We can take them out with U.S. based laws, if they’re calling someone and every time they’re calling someone, there’s a risk of a penalty, maybe they’ll think twice.” - Joshua Browder, DoNotPay’s Founder and CEO




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