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When I think about a romantic dinner out of town, I have two "must haves" to make the evening work. One, random voices heard throughout the place...all the voices in my head aren't quite enough. Also vaporous clouds that simply appear out of nowhere. Romance on high.

Let's head about an hour away from Rockford to Mukwonago, Wisconsin. I've actually been in and through Mukwonago. I think there was a wrong turn, maybe a bathroom pitstop...and I found the police station, weird! Nice Wisconsin town with an Indian name, go figure!

So here's the story, there's a restaurant called "Fork in the Road." Back in the day this was simply a watering hole, a local tavern that the locals visited to grab a cold one...and play pool. Why is that significant, because you can randomly hear the pool balls being hit, and rolling across the floor, what?

Here's a "haunted location" item that I have never heard of before. At "Fork in the Road" you will have vaporous clouds that would just randomly appear. So you are grabbing a burger and look to your left, oh there's a vaporous cloud over there.

Check out this video put together by a ghost hunter called "Visually Creeped." He interviews current "Fork in the Road" restaurant employees about haunted happenings and what the daily specials are....kidding, just ghost stories. Oh, and he sets up cameras in certain locations to see what can be found walking or "clouding" by.


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