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Sometimes these things write themselves. With your chance at winning the 10k Stimulus Check or a daily $1000 prize, we like to give you some cool local options on spending your cash. While doing the social media scroll, I found this awesome piece of machinery that is under $1000 and will make you the life of the party.

Brent Murray, owner and operator of the Dairyhaus in downtown Rockton posted this bad boy and it will cost you $800.

Commercial grade dual tap keggerator for sale. Clean, well maintained, excellent condition. One dime-sized ding in the door. Two years of operation, warranty still intact. $800 obo, delivery available for an additional fee. - Brent Murray

So you buy this with your $1000 and with $200 left over, you'll need to fill that bad boy. Think of the possibilities with your very own keggerator...Someone invites you over for a house party and you wheel that in. Your work plans a potluck for Karen's going away party, you wheel that in. The neighbors pool opens up in a few weeks, and you wheel that in...to the diving board. Your significant other want you to go to Hobby Lobby and Michael's and, and, and...wheel that into the living room.

But seriously whether you win our cash or just want to buy that, CLICK HERE

Make sure you have the app on your smartphone and ready to rock! We give you 10 cash codes per day, when you can win that grand OR the grand prize of the 10k Stimulus Check.

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