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People witnessed something strange in the skies over Lake Michigan in Chicago. It's always good to question things, these strange lights leave you wondering what is going on. I do prefer little green men with lasers, but if these are just airplanes....well I guess.

Airplanes have to be the number one thing swirling through your head, right?

Reddit user TheGr8Revealing -

I've lived in downtown Chicago for 10 years and I want to believe, but these are airplanes. They line up over the lake to land at Ohare. I can't tell you the number of times I've seen these line ups and nearly lost my cool just to have a fleet of passenger planes pass by as soon as you can no longer see the landing lights.

So what are we looking at here? It's easy to say, O'hare is nearby and those are simply airplanes ready to land...Or is it something else? Like aliens looking for the best Italian Beef around?

The weirdest part of the video, the male voice says "I wasn't expecting to see anything THIS soon." This soon? What in the world does that mean? When was he expecting alien visitors, not until August?

O.K., are those military helicopters perhaps? Just sitting in the sky, above Lake Michigan? This video goes on for seven minutes plus and the objects just sit there in the sky.

The good news, the internet police did their job and created this video explaining (sort of)


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