An 8th grader at Roscoe Middle School wins a contest designing a class shirt and then is told it won't be printed.

Photo - Tiffany Knezevic
Photo - Tiffany Knezevic

What started as a fun and very creative idea by an 8th Grade student has turned into an issue in Roscoe.

Yearly at Roscoe Middle School, students are asked to design a "class shirt."  The students voted, there was a design that won and was approved, shirts were ordered, but now the school is saying "no."

The term used on the shirt, "Everybody Circle Jog" is something the students say and sing during P.E. class. Apparently, there was backlash and there were students that were offended.

Obviously, the student that created the shirt did not want to offend anyone. It was a cute idea that the majority of the student body enjoyed. The school has decided to use a stock school logo instead.

Kudos to Bowen, what a creative kid. If you are interested in ordering one of these "outlawed" shirts...CLICK HERE.


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