Cold temps, high winds, lots of snow, school closings.

Photo - YouTube

I can remember being a kid sitting by the radio in the kitchen, waiting for the greatest words ever..."School is closed today".

How great were snow days? It's so bad the buses can't make it, but you can bet I'm going outside to play. Maybe watch cartoons all day and sip on some hot chocolate.

A high school in Michigan took their snow day announcement to the next level. Vassar Public School teachers and administrators closed school in style, with a video message that is going viral.

So before you watch this hilarious message from Vassar Public Schools in Michigan informing the students that there is no school, here is my challenge.

Rockford Public Schools, can you top this? We will for sure have snow days, and I am putting it out there the teachers and administrators in Rockford do not have a funny bone in their body. Rockford teachers do not have the creativity to put something together like this. Rockford Public Schools do not have fun at their jobs, and this would be way too difficult.

With that said, enjoy your snow days Vassar Public Schools.