Beth Harmon received a phone call from the school nurse she will never forget.


School Bully

According to Channel 3000 a mother of a 6th grade student is looking to change the school's bullying policy after her son was a victim.

Beth Harmon's son was picked on and beaten up by a group of students and the schools lack of action has her taking matters into her own hands. Beth is working on putting together an ordinance that require bullies to pay for their actions.

“There has to be something that steps it up, that says to the kids and the parents know about it and that it’s not O.K.”

- Beth Harmon

There are other Wisconsin communities that have embraced ordinances like what Beth wants in Beloit. In the city of Monona, WI.  parents will first get a letter sent home about the bullying situation. If within 90 days a second episode takes place, the parents receive a FINE.

So your kid is a punk that wasn't raised right and you get fined, sounds good to me.




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