In Illinois, the 911 phone number is not a complaint line for the Super Bowl.

It amazing me all the strange and wrong reasons why people call 911. It's for emergencies only.

One year on Christmas Eve, my little cousin called 911. We aren't sure why. He said that he was trying to call Santa. He got in a lot of trouble.

I know the Super Bowl was boring this year but that's no reason to dial up the police. That's just asking for trouble.

According to,

"Watching your favorite football team get robbed of a Super Bowl title might feel like a crime, but McHenry County Sheriff’s deputies assure you it is not. That didn’t stop a man who called the sheriff’s office Sunday, however, to complain about the teams competing in the Super Bowl and the TV channels that aired the game, police said."

I can't make this stuff up because it's so dumb.

This was the response from the authorities.

“Public service announcement of the day: 911 is for emergencies and should not be dialed because you are unhappy with the teams playing in the Super Bowl and want our deputies to fix them. Yes, someone really called 911 yesterday for this reason. #Wewishwecoulddothis #gobears,” the department posted on Facebook and Twitter."

It just makes me shake my head in disbelief.


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