There is a 90 minute road trip from Rockford, that is the burial site of something that scares a lot of you....clowns. TRIP101

I've never really understood the whole fear of clowns things. I grew up watching "The Bozo Show" and that was filled with clowns that told jokes and let you play games to win prizes, so clowns are cool with me. Put I do know a few adults that simply freak out when it comes to seeing clowns, even the friendly ones.

Nothing says summertime quite like a 90 minute road trip to go to the burial site of a bunch of circus clowns. MAYBE, of you have a fear of clowns this will help you get over it? Maybe?

There's a place in Forest Park, Illinois that is called "Showmen's Rest." This is the final resting place of a bunch of circus clowns and other circus performers.

There was a massive train wreck years ago in 1918, this train was carrying the performers of the "Showmen's League of America," a traveling circus. Crash, boom, bang, dead clowns.

 "This plot of land is a burial ground for circus performers who used to work for the Showmen’s League of America. A train wreck in 1918 killed about 58 people and all of them were buried within the grounds of Woodlawn Cemetery." - Trip101

I'm imagining that this burial ground in Forest Park, Illinois is easy to find because there are giant cement elephant statues with the trunks lowered to the ground. I don't think you'll find too many other elephant statues around.


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