My stepdaughter rides, trains, teaches, does all things horses. So I'm 100% sure that if/when she reads this she will give me a great big, "gross!" MyStateline

So the question is, is it legal to eat horse meat in Illinois? In Canada and Mexico, eating horse meat is a thing? Something like 20,000 horses are slaughtered and horse meat is then sold...Eww.

But again, the question is...Is it legal to EAT horse meat, in Illinois? Here's the legal breakdown:

According to the Illinois Horse Meat Act, (225 ILCS 635) “it is unlawful for any person to slaughter a horse if that person knows or should know that any of the horse meat will be used for human consumption.” - ILGA.GOV

Not only that but can't possess it, hold it, own it, fridge it, sell it, accept it, give it away...etc. No Mr. Ed anywhere. Got it?

North America isn't quite the hot bed for eating horse, or something... China, Italy, Japan, Russia and other foreign markets on the other hand, they like the horse meat.

I know what you're thinking, gross. Right? I've had bison and could other odd meats, but this is one that I will for sure pass on.


This is something that some serious work has been done on, to make sure that people aren't eating horse meat in Illinois or anywhere in America. The research was conducted at auctions, feedlots, and slaughter plants.


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