Who is the richest person in Wisconsin and why is he always trying to save us 11%? WeAreGB

A list of the richest people in every state was released by FORBES and it's pretty interesting to say the least. I'm always interested where these people obtain their wealth. Did they invent something, did they created something that helps out humanity, or did they inherit the cash and just keep collecting checks? Let's take a look at a few across the country.

  • Arkansas - Jim Walton, Walmart
  • Illinois - Lucas Walton, Walmart
  • Las Vegas - Miriam Adelson & family, casinos
  • Oregon - Phil Knight, Nike
  • Texas - Elon Musk, Tesla 
  • Washington - Jeff Bezoz, Amazon
  • Wyoming - John Mars, Candy

So what about Wisconsin? Who is it and why are they so rich?

The fella's name is John Menard Jr. and he is worth $18.1 Billion. Yes, of course he saved big money, at Menards.

John has always been into racing as well, with a son that does the NASCAR thing.

John Robert Menard Jr. is an American billionaire businessman, and the founder and owner of Menards, a Midwestern chain of home improvement stores. He is a former INDYCAR racing team owner, and the father of former NASCAR Cup Series driver Paul Menard. He is the son of John Robert Menard Sr. - WIKI

So what's up with the 11% off thing at Menards? 11, not 10...11. I think personally that John Menard Jr. is a fan of the movie This is Spinal Tap.

You see those other sales over there? They only go to 10. I had this especially made to go to 11. When you need that last little bit and the other guy already maxed it out at 10. These ones got that little bit more. 11.

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