Each one of these breweries hand craft their own tasty brews.

The beauty about visiting a brewery for the first time is that they are guaranteed to have a beer you have never tried before.

It can get really boring drinking the same old beer over and over again. So when you want to switch it up, grab your designated driver and head to one of these 9 Stateline Breweries according to Yelp to sample what they are brewing.

1. Prairie Street Brewing Company - 200 Prairie Street, Rockford

When you think of an awesome spot to drink beer - this should be one of the first places that comes to mind. ~Gregg F. via  Yelp

Prairie Street Brewing Company via Yelp

2. Pig Minds Brewing - 4080 Steele Drive, Machesney Park

All the beers at Pig Minds Brewing are ready to be tasted! They are VERY affordable and come in a variety of sizes, glasses, and colors. ~ EatingOutWithAGirl via Yelp

Bradley E. via Yelp

3. Penrose Brewing Company - 509 Stevens Street, Geneva

Great beer and great vibe!  Nice to find a small brewery that offers a wide beer selection not only limited to hoppy IPAs. Beers on tap during our first visit ranged from a tasty saison to a sour "mystery beer" that matched well with their raspberry dubble. There were IPAs on tap for those who prefer heavy hops. ~Leesa S. via Yelp
Heidi B via Yelp

4. Carlyle Brewing Co. - 215 E State Street, Rockford

I had a pint of their blonde ale and my boyfriend a pint of the humulus. The waitress said the humulus and their vanilla were their best sellers. A pint was ~$4. We paired our beers with a cupcake made with their vanilla ale. So good! ~Felice C. via Yelp

Traci K. via Yelp

5. New Glarus Brewing Company - 2400 State Hwy 69, New Glarus

The new brewery is beautiful and, of course, the beer is excellent. ~Jedd J. via Yelp

Jill B. via Yelp

6. The Forge - 1330 E State Street, Sycamore

Amazing atmosphere, great servers, the beer selection is amazing. And, the food is pretty damn good. I'm not from the area, but...I would definitely travel for the beer. ~Jerome Anthony N. via Yelp

Mark B via Yelp

7. Minhas Craft Brewery - 1208 14th Ave., Monroe

Their slogan is DAMN GOOD BEER. We were so surprised at the age of the brewery (family history), the selection and how large the distribution was. Well worth 45 minutes of your time. The best part was all of the beer samples, popcorn and the excellent gift shop. So much beer, so little time. ~Laura C. via Yelp

Ericka A via Yelp

8. Scorched Earth Brewing Company - 203 Berg Street, Algonquin

Loved Scorched Earth! This is the quintessential type of brewery I think of when I think of super chill breweries with good beer and a good mixed group. ~Sarah S. via Yelp

Sarah S. via Yelp

9. Crystal Lake Brewing - 150 N. Main Street, Crystal Lake

Awesome atmosphere, great beers and friendly staff.  This is the place to gather with friends! Some.of the best beers I've had are brewed here, stop in for a pint or 3. ~Anthony L. via Yelp

Kimberly G. via Yelp

Have you been to any of these breweries before? Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.