My driver's ed teacher always told the class to watch out for other drivers because you might know how to drive, but that doesn't mean everyone else does. This new study proves him right.

OnePoll's new study commissioned by Discount Tire surveyed 2,000 American drivers who are on the road regularly, which found that 91% of drivers don't have faith in other drivers once the roads start to freeze over.

The study also found 23% of drivers try their best to not ride with a loved one during the winter because they don't trust their driving.

59% of those surveyed said they don't trust themselves driving when there's wintery roads. Predictably, people's confidence driving drops with the type of weather.

  • 90% said they are confident in rain
  • 76% said they are confident in sleet or snow
  • 55% said they are confident with ice on the road

Almost 1 in 4 people responded that they were involved in a car accident due to weather conditions.

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