If I was to bet on it, I bet Worth, IL is worth more than I can afford.

Today I was thinking about what I could do for my husband's birthday which is in August. For my birthday he always does the nicest things. One time, he surprised me along with the help of my dear friends and family and had the best surprise backyard B-B-Q. One year he took me to Las Vegas and one year to Disney World.

He is always spoiling me rotten, and I would love to do the same. He loves road trips, and I thought I'd hop on Google Maps and see what the Midwest has to offer.

benkrut, Think Stock
benkrut, Think Stock

When I scrolled through and saw Sandwich, IL I immediately started laughing! He loves Sandwiches! It made me chuckle and I knew that couldn't be the only silly named place in Illinois. Turns out, I was right!

1. Sandwich, Illinois: I mean seriously, the police are called the "Sandwich Police." Excuse me madam, there is no turkey parking allowed. Ha!

2. Normal, Illinois: Things must be very boring and 'normal' there.

3. Plainville, Illinois: BORING!

4. Muddy, Illinois: I bet it's quite filthy over there. I'd hate to be a laundry machine in Muddy.

5. Flossmoor, Illinois: Is it ironic that my dentist is in Flossmoor? I thought not.

6. Timewell, Illinois: Well that sounds like time well spent!

7. Woodstock, Illinois: Is this where Jimi was? It's a joke...

8. Manley, Illinois: "Arg, Arg, Arg," like Tim the Tool Man Taylor on 'Home Improvement.'

Have I forgotten any other places with silly names? Let me know in the comments below!


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