The "Pipebomb" as it's known in the wrestling world, happened 7 years ago today.

It was 7 years ago today that the "fake world" of professional wrestling got bodyslammed with some real talk.

Chicago's CM Punk who has always been a mouthy, unapologetic jerk...took to live WWE TV and told the world about everything he was currently feeling.

Was the idea of CM Punk doing this segment on live T.V. set up, of course, it was. Were the words that left his mouth "straight talk" that other WWE stars had thought about, but never said? Yes.

I can remember watching this and thinking, so...his days are pretty much done in WWE.

There are "rules" in Pro Wrestling, as in things you just don't say. CM Punk said the all and didn't care who he offended.

Happy anniversary CM Punk, hope your face feels better.

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