The state of Illinois may have its fair share of problems, but for the most part, I am a proud Illinoisan.

Since I was born I have been going to our family cabin up in Wisconsin each summer, and my love for Rockford Art Deli's 815 gear is usually on proud display while I'm up there. Due to my apparel choices while in Wisconsin, I have heard my fair share of 'F.I.B.' jokes, and this summer I am saying enough is enough! (If you don't know what a F.I.B. is, look it up).

Funny Wisconsin T-Shirts

Since I will not be becoming a Green Bay Packer fan anytime soon, what's the next best way to fit in with Wisconsinites? I already drink a lot of beer in Wisconsin so that part is covered; what else can I do? Dress like I'm from Wisconsin, or at the very least, throw some jokes back at them as payback for all the F.I.B. comments! I went on a search for some funny Wisconsin t-shirts to buy online, and here are six of them that made me giggle the hardest:

1. The 'Drunk-O-Meter' - You can purchase this for $13.95 on Amazon.

2. The 'Sin' in Wisconsin - During my search, I found several variations of this design, but for some reason, this one from is my favorite. (It's $25, btw).

3. 'Dairy Air' - This is another one I found several designs for, but the simpleness of this one I found on Pinterest appealed to me the most.

4. 'I'm With Stupid' - I know wearing this one will totally defeat my efforts to pretend I'm from Wisconsin and it belittles Illinoisans, but come on, it's kinda funny. Get it here for $19.95.

5. 'We Cut the Cheese' - How can you have a Wisconsin shirt that doesn't somehow mention cheese? If you can get past the Packers colors, this is a good option available on for $21.99.

6. 'That's What Cheeshead' - When it comes to cheesy Wisconsin t-shirts, this is by far the best. Get yours now at for $24.99. (again with the green and gold, tho).

Which shirt should I buy first? I'm leaning hard towards the 'Drunk-O-Meter' option.

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