There's a $5,000 prize in Illinois for the best idea to continue outdoor dining in the winter.

I have relatives that live in Finland. A few years ago, my family and I went there for a vacation to visit them. I learned that because the winter is so long and summer is very short, the people really take advantage of the good months. They spend as much time outdoors during the good weather. The majority of restaurants have patios for seating during those times.

It made me appreciate it more. I've always enjoyed eating outside in the summertime. Give me a cool beer garden and I'm there. Especially, after my Finland trip.

There haven't been a lot of positive things that have happened during this 2020 pandemic. There have been a lot of restrictions and we've had to live and operate in different ways. Restaurants have been hit very hard but have done a fabulous job with adjusting to the situation.

One of those few bright spots has been the availability of outdoor eating at many restaurants. Even at places that normally wouldn't offer it. It's helped their business and given people more options.

There's only one problem. The summer will eventually end and old man winter will show up. That removes outside dining from the picture. Restrictions will still be in place, so a solution is needed. They are looking for help and you could earn some extra cash with a great idea.

According to,

"The Winter Design Challenge, a contest to help figure out how to continue outdoor dining into the depths of Chicago winter. The contest will select the three top solutions to facilitate safe cold-weather outdoor dining. Those winners will then be eligible to win a $5,000 prize and see their ideas put into action once the temperature dips."

During this strange year, the creative ideas have been flowing so I have no doubt someone will come up with a reasonable solution.

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