Welcome to Craigslist. Any item or service you desire, is available. Want you lawn mowed this summer? Not a problem. What of you are running low on empty milk crates for your next Tik Tok video? Got you covered.

I went looking for weird Rockford area items, and boy did I strike gold.

Let's take a look at:

5 Outlandish and Bizarre Items For Sale on Craigslist - Near Rockford, Illinois



Cadillac Hearse 


Well, SHOUT AT THE DEVIL! This beauty has low miles, and plenty of space to stretch out in the back! Kick back and enjoy the DEAD silence.

Creepy Doll Riding Bike

attachment-doll bikejpg

The head twist has has on a one way trip to "Creepy Town." The good thing is, she will  keep you company as you freak out about her staring at you.

Bikini Wearing Mannequin Lamp


I'm sure this is "art" and I'm not smart enough to recognize. But if your bedroom is a little too dark, this lamp will surely keep you...um, lit up?

Plastic Circus Wagons 


This thing is simply, weird. I don't know what it is about theses old hand painted toys...but they seem creepy and not right. The murder scene is an 80's horror film has someone tripping over these.

100 Red Worms


Lastly, who needs so high quality worms? You get 100 of these slimy fellas with your purchase. Go big or go home, am I right? What if you buy the toy circus wagons and keep the worms inside? That is how to Craigslist.

Use that tax money wisely folks, and happy Craigslisting.

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