Here are five things you love so much about Illinois that someone should write a song about them.

Residents Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Illinois

I believe the residents of Illinois have a love/hate relationship with their state. They will tell you they hate it but deep down I think they really love it. Sure, there are some things about here that make us all upset but there are a lot of good things too.

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Great Musicians From Illinois

The state of Illinois has a great history of music from artists like Buddy Guy to Styx to Chance The Rapper and that is just naming a couple. Of course, there are amazing songs about Illinois too like "Sweet Home Chicago" and "My Kind Of Town."


What Makes A Good Song

There are definitely several key elements when it comes to writing a good song. It starts with ability and skill. I have already covered that. We have many incredible songwriters in Illinois. Of course, it helps to have something interesting to write about. Our state has plenty of that. How about things that make the residents emotional? Passion is good too. Do not forget about drama. Some of the best tunes of all time were inspired by that. I think the "Land of Lincoln" has the makings of a hit song.


5 Things People Love About Illinois, There Should Be Songs Created About Them

Alright, it is now time to get creative and come up with some song ideas about Illinois.

#1 Food 

Let's face it, we have great food in Illinois and everyone loves it. I think a song about stuffed pizza, hot dogs, Italian Beef, and more would be delicious. The only problem is getting hungry every time you hear it. There must be a lyric about "no ketchup" included.


#2 Sports Teams

Many people that live in Illinois are huge sports fans. They love their teams and are very passionate about them. Unfortunately, they have all let us down at one point. Some more than others. Sad songs are always big hits, so our heartbreaking losses work perfectly.

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#3 Weather

The weather in Illinois is very dramatic. It goes from one extreme to the other. You never know what you are going to get. Doesn't that sound like many relationships people have experienced in their lifetime? The residents love it when it cooperates and hates it when it does not. There goes those love/hate feelings again. I think more love than hate. We all secretly have things we even enjoy about winter.  Another perfect song topic.

winter driving - scraping ice from a windshield

#4 Corruption

Before you say anything, please give me a minute to explain. When it comes to the government in Illinois, especially in Chicago, there is a history of corruption. It is definitely a bad thing about our state. That also means drama. I feel like people love drama and following it. Also, drama makes for a good song.

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#5 Holidays

When it comes to holidays, Illinois goes all out and does them up right. There is no better place to be for Christmas, New Year's Eve, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, and so many more. They are usually a big old party that puts a smile on everyone's faces. Happy makes for good music.


What do you love about Illinois that someone should write a song about?

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