Today's youth sometimes amazes me with the things that they do. If something that they want is in the way by any means they will do what it takes to get it. Even if it means stealing grandpas truck to go to the gas station to get some candy.

That is what four-year-old Sebastion of Blaine, Minnesota did and this little one is very smart behind the wheel but also very lucky.

Impressive as it may sound that he not only got into the vehicle but also, put the keys in the ignition, put on his seat belt and drove almost two miles down a busy four-lane road during rush hour. Now he did take out a few mailboxes along with some damage to gramps truck. But I know some grown adults that don't drive as good as this little one.

He did end up getting the candy that he wanted but can you imagine what this kid will do when he turns 16 and actually has a license? Look out, mom and dad.




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