I love tequila, but something tells me I'll never try this one.

most expensive alcohol

There is nothing like a good scotch, or tequila, or gin or really whichever spirit you enjoy.

We all know the difference between the quality of our favorites, usually dependent on taste and our hangover the next morning.

Something tells me I'll not be purchasing a bottle of any of these anytime soon. Well, probably in my lifetime! Thrillist.com put together a list of some of the most expensive spirits in the world. These are my favorites:

1. DIVA vodka: $1 million

You might be wondering how a vodka could possibly have a price tag of $1 million. Sure, it’s tasty: it’s made with natural spring water, triple distilled, and filtered through charcoal before being filtered through sand that was made from diamonds and gem stones. Oh, also, the bottle’s adorned with a glass center area that is chocked full of diamonds. That’s why.

2. Pasión Azteca, Platinum Liquor Bottle by Tequila Ley: $3.5 million

The most expensive tequila in the world, Pasión Azteca is priced the way it is because of the extremely fancy bottle. Purportedly containing 4-year-old aged Anejo tequila, the platinum and white-gold bottle is adorned with 6,400 diamonds.

3. Bombay Sapphire Revelation: $200,000

While Bombay Sapphire is high-quality gin, the bottle is the star of the show here. Artist Karim Rashid designed five unique bottles featuring Baccarat crystal and adorned with diamonds and sapphires.

4. Royal Salute Tribute To Honour: $215,000

Tribute to Honour is the Royal Salute Master Blenders' homage to the crown jewels of Great Britain: the Honours of Scotland. The whiskey itself is a blend of Royal Salute’s rarest offerings, the youngest of which was aged for 45 years. The price comes from the rarity of the Scotch as well as the bottle itself. Covered in over 400 white and black diamonds, Tribute to Honour is truly a regal whiskey for anyone flush with cash.


Could you even begin to imagine what it might be like to purchase one of these bottles?

I can imagine it would be a larger process than checking an I.D. and swiping your debit card. Would there be a body guard to help you bring your bottle to the local party?

What if you left it in your fridge then your guests all started doing shots of it. You wake up the next morning and it's gone and you have no idea how.

Safe to say, I won't be saving my pennies for these bottles.




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