As families prepare for their Labor Day traveling there is the obvious conversation about gas prices, it happens every year. There are other important topics for traveling that may be overlooked.


  • Follow Scott's Law (Move Over Law)
  • Pack an emergency preparedness kit
  • Don't be distracted while you're driving.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to find out which were the most dangerous roadways in Illinois. Not only did I want to know which are the most dangerous but also WHY?

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#4: Route 55/Route 66

If you've ever driven down to St. Louis you likely traveled along I-55. The nearly 300-mile highway stretches from Chicago to St. Louis.

From wrong-way car collisions to garbage truck crashes to semi-truck roll-overs to tragic accidents involving family vehicles veering into the Vermillion River, Route 55 is as dangerous as they come.

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#3: Route 390

What is bad about 390 other than the tolls?

Illinois State Police have seen icy 11-car pileups, deadly hit-and-runs, and simply awful head-on crashes.

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#2: Dan Ryan Expressway

That stretch of road is always a mess, or so it seems. It's also one of the reasons Chicago is on of the top cities for traffic congestion.

In the last year alone, the Dan Ryan has seen several multi-vehicle crashes, hit-and-runs, motorcycle collisions, car accidents caused by drive-by shootings, and even crashes involving police cruisers.

Credit: Cardinal Emergencies, Facebook

#1: Stevenson Expressway

The Stevenson is famously known for being the meccafor accidents in Illinois.

When motorists aren’t dodging thrown rocks, shootings, and toxic spills, the Stevenson Expressway is a magnet for errant drivers and spectacular car accidents.

My question is, how did the Kennedy Expressway not make this list?

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