I found myself in La Grange, IL this past Friday night spending quality time with Sebastian Bach.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack


First off La Grange, IL what a beautiful little downtown. The streets were lit up for the holidays, as people filled the sidewalks on a cold Friday night. Families are out to dinner, couples hand and hand doing some Christmas shopping. While the holiday spirit was alive and well, I was at Anderson's Book Shop hanging with Sebastian Bach the voice of Skid Row.

We "were" the youth gone wild, now we both have some gray hair and enjoy a good power nap.

Sebastian Bach is known to be quite a "unique" individual. The term that I have always heard is Bach has "L.S.D." Lead Singers Disease. Lead singers of rock bands can be high maintenance, a primadonna, wanting all the attention. Over the years, I have found this to be pretty true in most cases, but not all.

I interviewed Sebastian, that went really well. I've had friends tell me stories about him that don't make him sound all that "friendly". I will say that our interaction last Friday couldn't have gone any better.

Sebastian Bach is a very thankful, and grateful guy, that is guilty of being the lead singer of a huge rock band in the late 80's and early 90's. With that comes a huge platform to speak your mind, and people listen. Millions of dollars, millions of women, and in 2016 he is alive and well.


Here are 3 things I learned hanging with Sebastian Bach:

  • He's a big fan of Twitter
  • The fans that showed up the bookstore, all because of me (You're too kind Bach)
  • Skid Row getting back together anytime soon? Don't count on it.

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