When you get into the whole, "did you know such and such is from Rockford," conversation...you can freestyle for quite a while. Whether it's a musician, an actor, or an athlete, Rockford really represents.

This is a pretty impressive list for sure. I know, I know there are other actors/actresses that I forgot. I tried to go names and faces you might know...for the most part.

There are some great character actors, and big time stars too! The athlete thing is pretty impressive for sure. There has been some out of this world people from the sports world, that have made quite a name.


So let's knock out 25 of these, and see how we do. If I forgot anyone that is super glaring to you, please let me know. Captain.Jack@townsquaremedia.com

25 Celebs With Rockford Ties, That You Could Actually See in Town


25 Famous People From Rockford

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