A text alert came across our phones at 6:20pm on Tuesday that looked like this:


This, was a lie.

Nothing was spotted, nothing was reported, nothing was confirmed. But yet this hit all of our phones.

I was watching basically all of our local tv people do their thing online, and  all of them  were saying the same thing...I know you got an alert on your phone, but NO TORNADO HAS BEEN SPOTTED OR CONFIRMED.

Yes the weather was wicked, yes "conditions were favorable" and yes it looked creepy, but no tornado.

This was from Winnebago County Sheriff's Facebook, a legit warning to be cautious but no tornado spotted.


I was quite fond of Mark Henderson from 23 WIFR who really hammered home that the text alert was a bunch of crap. "We have received NO confirmation, and until we do there is NO tornado."


How does the National Weather Service issue such a terrifying text alert, yet not confirm it to anyone? It's like the National Weather Service put that cowboy hat wearing "scanner" guy in charge of text alerts. It was a lie. It never happened. Total B.S..

Wanna know what it's like to try and calm down a 10 year old that's crying because her phone told her that there's a tornado spotted where she's at? Yep, screw you National Weather Service.

When every weather person on every local tv station AGREES on something, yah something is going on. I have tried to reach out to the National Weather Service about their "Tornado Spotted in Rockton" text alert, but have to receive anything back.


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