Food allergies are no joke, when you go out you want to be informed.

Peanut Butter (with Path)
Robyn Mackenzie

My oldest son has a peanut allergy, so reading over the menu and what is in certain foods is nothing new to me.

When he was two years old he walked around the babysitters house holding a Peanut Butter Ritz Cracker. Never ate it, but holding it and then touching his face caused him the break out with a puffy red look.

So because I love peanut butter, I keep it at work.

According to Allergy Eats they have the list of Top 10 Allegry-Friendly Resturant Chains.

There are a few local stops here. The Most Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Chains are in two different groups by size.


  • Maggiano’s Little Italy
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • Mellow Mushroom
  • Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
  • P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
  • Rainforest Café 
  • Burtons Grill
  • Not Your Average Joe’s
  • Joe’s American Bar & Grill 
  • Legal Sea Foods 

These stats are based on feedback  from the AllergyEats app.

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