When I hear the word 'snobby' I think of someone with their nose sticking really far in the air. A snobby person is probably a know-it-all, selfish and extremely wealthy who finds others without wealth beneath them.

20 Snobbiest Cities in Illinois

What makes a city a snob? I think it is up to everyone's own interpritation.

RoadSnacks put together criteria determining what makes a town snobby:

  • Number of private schools in an area
  • The income levels of residents
  • Home prices in an area
  • The number of people in a city who went to college
  • The number of art galleries in a city
  • Number of Whole Foods nearby
  • The number of theaters, playhouses, opera houses and performance arts centers in an area
Wait what!? That's how we are coming up with the rankings here? Ok, well this should be interesting...
  1. Glencoe
  2. Winnetka
  3. Oak Brook
  4. Wilmette
  5. Long Grove
  6. Lincolnshire
  7. Barrington
  8. Lake Bluff
  9. Northfield
  10. Highland Park
  11. Lake Forest
  12. Oak Park
  13. Deerfield
  14. Libertyville
  15. Winfield
  16. Northbrook
  17. Glenview
  18. Evanston
  19. Hinsdale
  20. Glen Ellyn

Wait a minute... Naperville didn't make the list?

Motovo recently did a listing of the 10 Snobbiest Mid-Sized Cities in America and Naperville ranked #4 on the list. I would have assumed by default that they would have been somewhere in the top 20.

Do you think this list is accurate? In your opinion, what is the snobbiest town in Illinois?

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