A 19-Year-Old Midwest fella, blames a good song coming on the radio...That's why he was going 120mph! SG

We've all been there, cruising along and a great song comes on the radio...all of a sudden you are going quite a bit faster. The music makes to put your foot to the floor, and you're off!

Police Officer Writing Ticket

This happened to Nicholas Bernard, he had no problem telling officers...Yep, I hit 120mph in my 2006 Honda Accord EX. Why, he was feeling the beat!  A 911 call came in that this dude was swerving all over the road, and was exceeding 100mph in his car on a highway in Iowa.

A police office on the side of the road as he writes a ticket.

There's always more, always...It seems that Mr. Bernard, Mr. 120 MPH was not only rockin' out and traveling at an incredible rate of speed, but we was holding too. Weed. Lots of weed.

Crime: Policeman gives driver a traffic ticket.
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Cops searched his Honda Accord after he finally slowed down, and there was a little something special in his glovebox. The deputy that was waiting for Nicholas to get his registration, noticed a giant bad of weed in there too. This lead to a full on search of the Honda, and a smoking pipe and other drug paraphernalia turned up as well.

Credit: Illinois State Police, Facebook
Credit: Illinois State Police, Facebook

I wonder what the "good song" was that came on the radio? Sammy Hagar "I Can't Drive 55?" I don't know what was playing, but going 120mph with a big bag of weed in your car?? Maybe it was the Beck song "Loser."

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