17 years ago, Glenallen Hill of the Chicago Cubs blasts an epic homerun out of Wrigley Field.

Euphoric Chicago Awaits Start Of First World Series For Cubs In 71 Years
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The 2000 Chicago Cubs weren't exactly the Cubs of today. Another struggling Cubs team, with the bleachers 3/4 full.

The early 2000's was a very interesting time in Major League Baseball. The entire league turned a blind eye to the fact that baseball players looked like NFL Middle Linebackers. MLB basically, allowed steroid use. There wasn't a penalty for using , so players used and the homerun number grew and grew.

So let's go to May 11th, 2000. A cloudy rainy day at Wrigley Field, and one of Major League Baseballs "roid monsters", Glenallen Hill hit a homer that was estimated to go 500 plus feet. The shot landed on a rooftop and years later Glennallen Hill admitted that he was taking a certain substance.




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