The Jefferson J-Hawks haven't really produced some "great" football lately.

Twenty and Thirty Yard Line on American Football Field
Mark Herreid

According to RRSTAR the Jefferson J-Hawk football team have simply stunk in the past 20 plus years. Here are some J-Hawk football stats:

  • Twenty-eight losses in a row
  • Thirteen wins in 11 years
  • Twenty-two consecutive losing seasons
  • 23 straight losing seasons

Not exactly worth writing about, but there is a silver lining. After another painful, losing regular season comes the news of players continuing their football career at the next level. A total of 16 players from the 2016 J-Hawk team with play college football. How amazing is that?

  • Bobby Williams Northern St. (S.D.)
  • Chandler Groth Northern St. (S.D.)
  • Danarious Hall Peru St. (Neb.)
  • Nathan Barbery Peru St. (Neb.)
  • Jamarcus Williams Peru St. (Neb.)
  • Savion Bolden Robert Morris
  • Alex Al-Ramahi Robert Morris
  • Jaishaun Morris Robert Morris
  • Nick Miller Lakeland (Wis.)
  • Jack Del Real UW-Eau Claire
  • Alejandro Herrera Rockford Univ.
  • Richard Parker Rockford Univ.
  • Malcom Warren N.D. Science
  • Terries Gaines St. Augustine
  • Jeremiah Johnson St. Augustine
  • Brandon Rice St. Augustine

Obviously the player talent is there at Jefferson, makes you wonder what the real issue is.


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